The selecting of our bloodstock is based on power, strength, cadence, rythm, extension, caracter and morphology !

Cordobes B

In 2000, I bought Cordobes, an 8 month old Andalusian, and that's where everything started

In July 2007, I took Cordobes to his first show, during which he became France Champion of model and paces for Andalusians
Then, in November 2007, Cordobes won his place to the Finals of the SICAB in Sevilla !

With him, I had so much tenderness, generosity and respect... I learned a lot and moved forward thanks to him and his work, but also thanks to the quality of his breeding.
Everything stop when we lose him, on October 13th 2010, after a colic surgery.

Cordobes was the pillar of my stud but he was first and foremost my friend. 

Xaloc was already there for a year and a half, best friends with Cordobes, next to one another, side by side, stables to stables.

In 2010, Xaloc became Europe Champion in Valencia, that is how he succeeded to Cordobes, offering him a last tribute, and the story went on ...

In 2011, Xaloc took over, I started breaking him in. He shares my life and I'm starting his career as a stallion and a show horse. A story to be continued ...
Not to mention Cordobes' offsprings : Temporal Del Tessuor and Amorio Del Tessuor (both titled in the French Championship for "best gaits of their category")


To complete my stud, I brought in a touch of exoticism :  my mares with very uncommon coat colors for the Spanish breed. Thanks to them, we gave birth to golden dun, chestnut, black, palomino, perlino and cream Andalusians.  




Mares up to dates with vaccines and dewormer, barefoot, tests of Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM) and equine viral arteritis OK

7 days of livery included in the covering cost, if the mare is empty or aborts, we renew the covering (the same year) with guaranty of alive foal.

Our Stalions available for serving  :

  • GALAN XCII -  Andalusian. First and only actually in France to be titled"CALIFICADO and  RECOMANDADO" "Breed Improver".

  • KAUFMANN, Pure Race Pinto Baroque pie, born on August, 12th 2011, 162cm -
    Available in hand service for all breeds . 


  • BELVEDERE, PRE black, born on april 21st 2011 
    Available in hand service for Pure Bred mares and OC.

Galan XCII

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